LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFe in germany as a professional nurse!

Imagine how different your life Could be MONTHS FROM NOW if you join THIS program!

Learn from Trained Teachers and  Licensed Examiners 

We are a diverse team that has come together to work on an audacious mission: to provide affordable but high quality german language learning for Filipinos, anywhere. We have helped hundreds of learners over the years by helping them pass their exams and learn the language. 

Your teachers here are competent and are trained to teach. We do not hire just "anyone who can speak the language" such as Urlauber or native vacationers who speak German perfectly but have little to no experience teaching the language, thus giving the students a hard time to connect and grasp the lessons. Or learners who barely passed B1 or B2 and proceed to teaching the language right away. That is not how we do business here.

We are language specialists, teachers, licensed examiners, nurse, multi-awarded content creator, who passionately believe in providing you the quality lessons lessons you deserve. We hold in the power of languages to impact people's lives.

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. - L. Wittgenstein

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified for the partial scholarship grant to the program for nurses?

Yes, if you:
- are a Registered Nurse.
- (preferred) have work experience abroad or locally.
- have no experience/fresh grads. You are also welcome to apply. (Talk about inclusivity!).
- are 40 years and below.
- understand BASIC English.


The Program for Nurses is an approximately 8-month long program. It can be quicker or longer by a month, depending on the progress of the students. 

how is the schedule of the classes?

In our institute, we offer you the most flexible yet high quality classes that best suit your working lifestyle.

Classes run from Mondays to Fridays. You can choose to attend either online zoom classes or face-to-face classes (with pre-plotting of sched due to limited seats, located at downtown Tacloban). One of which will be held in the morning, and the other will be in the evening.

As part of our hybrid program, you also have exclusive supplemental self-paced learning through our E-Platform. Here you have access to bite-size videos that lasts from 10 minutes to no more than 20 minutes per day, followed by comprehension exercises to test your understanding.

What if I don’t enroll today?

The number of slots that we can cater are limited for every batch and we do not always have batch openings. Secure your application and your slot to be evaluated and get into the scholarship program in the earliest batch possible.

Will Global Lingua help me find an employer?

Of course, and we charge you 0 pesos for it. We take care of looking for great employers (hospitals and facilities) for you and ensure that they treat you with up to par standards. We also make sure that the agencies we partner with in the Philippines are POEA-accredited and for those in Germany, are accredited by the Federal Republic of Germany. 

We do not work with agencies or employers that are not proven and tested. Integrity and competence lie at the core of the institute’s values. 


Worried about the cost of the enrollment?

Don’t be. ALL of our successful students who we trained and sent to Germany quickly earned back this investment  JUST WITHIN A WEEK, newly landed to Germany at that rate.

These students were sincere in their dreams and have followed the roadmap and the step-by-step process inside.

Simply take action and commit.

It always seems impossible, until it is done.

Don't see your questions in the FAQs?

Drop us a line.


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See you on the inside.

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